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A better bowl of pet food!

Let's build a better bowl of pet food in November. We’re partnering with Primal Pet Foods to offer this special promotion aimed at boosting the nutrition of kibble foods for dogs and cats with fresh food additives like Bone Broth, Goat Milk and Primal Elixirs.

OFFER: When you purchase any Dog or Cat KIBBLE, get ONE of these bowl builders for $3.

Bone Broth – Pour over kibble for added moisture, digestion and liver support, and joint health. Available in Beef, Pork, Turkey, Chicken.

Goat Milk – Pour over kibble for easily-absorbed vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, probiotics, enzymes and protein. Discount applies to pint size.

Primal Elixirs – Spoon these aromatic whole food toppers over kibble and boost your pet’s immune system and support a healthy digestive tract and joints. Discount applies to Winter Squash and Green Smoothie varieties.

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