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Catch this Blue-eyed Pleco

If you are an aquarium hobbyist who loves rare fish, the Blue-eyed Pleco is a treat to find. These fish have a reputation as good tank cleaners because they have a powerful suction mouth that they use to feed and also anchor themselves in the fast-moving river waters of their native Colombia. Although this example is only a few inches long, a Blue-eyed Pleco can grow over a food long in the wild. Best care practices for this fish include a water temperature in the mid 70s, good water flow in the tank, and a piece of driftwood for shelter and to feed on. Their diet consists mainly of algae, wood, and some vegetables like squash or potato. High protein foods should be avoided. If you are interested in adding this rare fish to your tank, talk to our aquarium experts. It is on sale now for $399.99.

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