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Featured Fish - Maculosus Angel

Our Featured Fish this week is the Maculosus Angelfish, also called the Yellowbar Angelfish for the prominent yellow patch on its midsection. If you are an enthusiast of LARGE saltwater fish, this angel is a good start. This example is approximately 7-8” – adults can reach up to 20”! This species of angelfish can be on the dominant side, so it is best to keep them with other assertive fish in a large tank of 150 gallons or more. They snack on corals and sponges, so a healthy diet should include a frozen blended food w. sponge. Our saltwater experts are brimming with ideas for keeping fish like this healthy, and we’re happy to provide care and feeding tips for this and other saltwater varieties. This beautiful, vibrant Maculosus Angelfish is available now for $119.99.

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