Holiday Stress Relief for Pets

Family gatherings around the holidays can sometimes be stressful for humans and pets alike. Some dogs and cats have problems coping with unfamiliar faces. Have a supply of treats on hand to provide a pleasant distraction. Peruse our Bone Bar for a selection of natural treats including rawhide and no-hide chews, bones, bully sticks and cow ears. Buy 4 of any item and get 10% off your purchase.

If your pet is still anxious, there are other options for stress relief. Calm-a-Mile essential oil from AnimalEO helps support balanced behavior and a calm state in pets. It can be diffused in the air with a water mist, or applied directly to your pet or pet bedding. For maximum stress relief, we also carry a selection of CBD oils and treats for dogs and cats. No matter how you celebrate with your pets, we wish everyone a calm and relaxing holiday this Thursday.

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