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Natural Fish Feature - Spanner Barb

Our Featured Fish this week is a spunky little guy – the Spanner Barb. Also known as the T-barb, these fish can grow up to 4” as adults. They do well in community tanks, especially if they are kept in groups of 3 or more - it helps focus their attention on each other instead of smaller fish. They can even be combined with some Mbuna Cichlids if the Cichlids are smaller in size. Spanner Barbs move quickly, and like good water flow in their tank. An aquascaped tank that resembles a river bottom would be an ideal habitat. A diet with variety including freeze-dried foods, plants, veggies, and frozen meaty elements works best. Need more tips – just ask our experts! These precocious Spanner Barbs are available now for $8.99 each.

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