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Rare Beauty - the Achilles Tang

As some of our loyal customers have noticed, we are stocking more exciting fish lately. We are very proud to offer this vibrant example of the Achilles Tang for our more advanced hobbyists. The black to brown to purple body of this fish presents a color that is almost hypnotic, with a vivid orange teardrop near the tail for contrast. These fish thrive in saltwater tanks over 100 gallons with a strong water current, and they prefer variety in their diets that should include both meaty and seaweed/algae components. They can thrive in community tanks with a live reef, but they may become territorial with other Tangs who have been established in the tank. Since this fish is for advanced aquarium hobbyists, we cannot offer a warranty on this fish at this time. As always, our aquarium experts will work with you to determine if this fish is suitable for your tank. We respect the care and effort that is necessary to keep a rare Tang like this, and we hope you do as well. This Achilles Tang is available for $399.99.

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